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Έναρξη από : 20/07/2021

Job description

In order to develop our dedicated team to digital transformation within Ceva, we?re recruiting our DIGITAL PROJECT PORTOFOLIO MANAGER

Directly reporting to the Ceva digital project program manager, and collaborating with all the industrials teams (Manufacturing, Quality, Supply Chain) around the world, you drive and coordinate digital transformation projects.  

You are responsible of :

? Leading ideation sessions with operational teams to identify new digital opportunities

? Collaborating with digital project teams to identify and measure the impact on value creation

? Helping digital project managers improve the efficiency of project management

? Supporting digital project managers in how to understand change management

? Contributing to the management of the global digital transformation program of Ceva's industrial division

? Directly managing certain digital projects with global coverage

Graduate at engineering level, you have a strong experience of minimum 5 years, in an industrial environment (production management, supply chain management?). 

You have already led digital projects or 4.0 industry projects, and participated in digital transformation programs. You know how to analyze needs, detect sticking points, make a diagnosis, support teams towards change.

You are trained in project management, and ideally to agile methods. You know pharmacy or biotechnology environment.

You know how to adopt a facilitator posture. Your level of communication skills allows you to interact effectively with as many people as possible and in a transversal manner.

You have a level of English allowing you to work with international teams.

Long term contract.

This position is opened in France, in Libourne, or in one of Ceva industrial site (Budapest, Kansas City).

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